High-end Renovations by Espé Réno Urbaine

What exactly is a high-end renovation?

At Espé Réno Urbaine, we offer the opportunity to modify the essence of your home so that it best matches your needs and personality.  


You are at the heart of a high-end renovation. If your home doesn’t fulfill your needs, our designer-contractors will work hand in hand with you to make sure that it does. Our team won’t rest until your vision has been realized, both in terms of aesthetics and functionality.


Once Upon a Time… A Montreal Home



Your home is a reflection of your personality. Through its functionalities, colour schemes, furniture, room layout and decorative accents, it can adapt itself to you and your daily life.

With a high-end renovation, we promise that all modifications match your needs and the experience you want to offer, and that your home will become a true mirror to your lifestyle.

Montreal homes come with their own particularities and challenges, so it’s critical to work with an experienced contractor with the local knowledge to turn all these constraints into a source of creativity—not obstacles.

We begin any home renovation project with a solid grasp on the needs of those who live in the home as well on Montreal’s unique residential context. From a renovation project’s very beginning to the end, every element is executed according to your personality and desires.


Possible Options with a High-end Renovation

The Foundation (structure & practical choices)

Once you’ve decided on a high-end renovation, the renovators at Espé Réno Urbaine will make sure to go over several practical elements.

For example:

  • The structural elements of the home;
  • Insulation;
  • Plumbing;
  • Electrical systems;
  • Floors, walls & ceilings;
  • Possible spatial reconfigurations (ex: removal of load-bearing walls);
  • Etc.

All these elements will help redefine the home’s functionality. By starting with the basics, we can better control the renovation’s general framework and ensure that nothing essential is missing. We can then work on the design (design, decor, appliance selection, etc.) with the peace of mind in knowing that the home’s structure is solid.



The Design



In reworking the design of your home, our designer-contractors strive to structure your house according to your needs—material selection, colour schemes, types of lighting design, appliance choices, etc.

The sky’s the limit. A high-end renovation allows us to go as far as our imagination can take us. Top-of-the-line materials, quality and distinguished accessories—the goal is to create an environment that’s made for you, excites you and comforts you.




This step of the high-end renovation process is all about making you the proud master of your domain. Accessories and decor must naturally complement the daily life that feels right to you.

This is where we address all the elements that will create the home of your dreams:

  • Custom cabinetry;
  • Stone counters and sinks;
  • Custom-made wine cellar;
  • Integrated furniture lighting;
  • Installation of a home automation system;
  • High-end appliances (built-in fridges, steam ovens, etc);
  • Herringbone wood flooring;
  • Heated floors;
  • Etc.






No detail will be too small in optimizing your home’s appearance according to your needs.





Have a high-end renovation project in mind?

We’d be delighted to discuss it with you.

At Espé Réno Urbaine, we understand the importance of design. The true cornerstone of any high-end renovation, a well-thought out design will make your house more functional and durable.

That’s why our designers play such an integral role in the renovation process—from the preliminary kick-off discussions right through to a renovation’s finishing touches. True designer-contractors, our professionals redefine the character and aesthetic of your home, without ever losing sight of your practical needs and budget.

That’s the essence of our personalized approach to high-end design.

Whether you require a complete renovation or a one-room renovation, you will always enjoy our renowned customized service, perfectly adapted to your needs.  

Contact us today and kick off your residential renovation project!