Renovation - home, Plateau Mont-Royal, Montreal, Dorion street
Rénovation, maison, Plateau Mont-Royal, Montréal
Rénovation, maison, Plateau Mont-Royal, Montréal
Rénovation, maison, cage d'escaliers, Plateau Mont-Royal, Montréal
Rénovation, maison, salle de bain, Plateau Mont-Royal, Montréal
Project Description

Complete renovation, Dorion, Plateau Mont-Royal, Montreal

Finalist in the 27th Domus edition. Interior and/or exterior residential renovation in the $35,000-$125,000 category

The only word to describe this project is “spectacular.” A young professional couple who think big decided to transform their fiveplex a stone’s throw from beautiful Lafontaine Park. They wanted to combine their ground-floor space with an upstairs apartment by adding a staircase and making some clever adjustments. The result was five bedrooms, two bathrooms, large living and dining areas and an increase in market value. Everything is now ready for brothers and sisters for their adorable little daughter.

The pictures show how well the renovations blend with the former rental units. You can still feel the texture and charm of this 1910s building. The decoration, wooden staircase, magnificent kitchen and huge French doors add all the beauty and luxury sought by those who desire the very best.

Some of the technical challenges:

- Removal of three supporting walls.
- Construction of a large staircase to join the two storeys.
- Installation of large French doors to the rear patio.
- We discovered serious subsidence in the floor and mitoyen wall in the kitchen, which had to be rebuilt so as to align with the other existing structures.
- Join the drywall invisibly with the existing plaster walls.
- Restore and install woodwork almost a century old.


Plateau Mont-Royal
Year completed