Our Full Renovation Projects


Are you considering a full home renovation, but scared of hard work ahead? Relax.

A team of interior designers, advisors, team leaders and carpenters is ready to assist you in planning and executing your home renovation and interior design project.

A full-home renovation offers you several advantages, such as:

  • A home design that fits your needs
  • An improved interior design of your home
  • Increased living comfort in your home
  • A significant boost in the value of your home

We invite you to browse the full renovation projects we have done in many Montreal homes.


Our Mission: Transforming Houses into Homes


Renewed Living Spaces

While your tastes and needs change over the years, your living spaces often remain stuck in the past.

A complete renovation of your home is the best way to adapt your living space to your current needs.

A complete renovation spares you having to make an extreme change, such as a move, which can force you into a completely new—and not necessarily desired—lifestyle.

A complete house renovation is an effective and durable solution that will increase your functionality and quality of life in your home.  

Interior Design Planning

There’s no better opportunity to incorporate supreme quality aesthetics into your living spaces than with a complete home renovation. The interior design of your home will be specially created to meet your needs.

During this process, you’ll be able to choose several elements of the interior design of your home, including: style, flooring, furniture, walls, electricity, heating and layout, etc.

Choices can also be overwhelming, which is why we offer a team of professional interior designers to assist you in your selections as well as in the overall planning of your full renovation.

Working with a professional interior designer gives you access to someone who:

  • Listens to your needs: your interior designer will be able to understand and assess your needs.
  • Answers all your questions: our clients often don’t know a lot about interior design and renovation. An interior designer will explain the thinking behind your interior design and will answer all your questions.
  • Offers you customized solutions: you and your interior designer will discuss and share solutions that are most customized to your needs.
  • Visualize the blueprint of your renovation project: the designer will provide you with visual plans of your new house, with your choices fully integrated, to meet all of your expectations related to your renovation project.

This privileged collaboration will produce a result that exceeds all your expectations.


We’re Here—Until Your Full Home Renovation is Complete


Groupe SP Réno Urbaine is aware of the interruptions to daily life caused by a full renovation. That’s why we work around your lifestyle and according to your expectations, to ensure that the renovations are done the way you like.

Our designers, advisors, team leaders and carpenters are qualified professionals in residential renovations, and will be available throughout the renovation project.

We invite you to browse our achievements in full renovation and interior design, found above, and contact us to talk to one of our interior designers.