Our Kitchen Renovation Projects


Did you know that the kitchen is one of the most popular renovation spaces in a home? It’s no wonder, considering a kitchen renovation will directly boost the value of your house!

Groupe SP Réno Urbaine is here to help you with your kitchen renovation. Our professionals will guide you in selecting the design of your kitchen by proposing solutions that best serve your needs.

In choosing to renovate your kitchen you will:

  • Modernize your kitchen
  • Improve the aesthetics of your kitchen
  • Enjoy a more functional and luxurious kitchen
  • Be able to choose all the elements of your kitchen: materials, flooring, furniture, etc.

Our accomplishments are all driven by passion and professionalism, while respecting the needs of our clients.


Our Mission: Creating a User-friendly and Welcoming Space


A Living Space Worth Sharing

Much of kitchen design nowadays is about a complete revamp, primarily in terms of the increasingly popular “open concept” layout.

To enlarge a kitchen space, removing any load-bearing walls is an obvious solution that’s also a favorite one among our clients.

Indeed, opening up your kitchen and dining room is a very appealing option, as it will in turn expand your entire living space and make it more welcoming.

A Kitchen Design That’s All You

The design of your kitchen as well as a large selection of possible layouts are a huge added value to your kitchen renovation. You can choose the kitchen style you want. From contemporary to modern, including the classic white, everything is possible.

Your choice for kitchen design is comprised of several elements:

  • The choice of style for your kitchen: contemporary, classic, modern, industrial, transitional, country style, etc.
  • The colors of your kitchen: bright, vibrant, dark, etc.
  • The management of your space: removing load-bearing walls, optimizing the room, etc.
  • The kitchen counters: quartz, wood, porcelain, granite, concrete, laminate, etc.
  • The selection of your flooring: tiles, hardwood, stone, ceramic, etc.
  • Appliances: new or refurbished, built-in or not, stainless steel or integrated, electric or gas, etc.
  • Cabinets and accessories: pantry, storage, shelving, garbage can, etc.

For the best selection of your kitchen design, our kitchen designers are there to help you in the planning of your renovation project.


Our Solution: Helping You Select the Right Kitchen Design


We only work with kitchen designers who have the necessary expertise to create a kitchen for you that’s both functional and beautiful.

Whether your current kitchen is big or small, you’d be surprised at the results of our space optimization techniques.

It’s important to work with a team of professionals that will take the time to provide a customized service that meets all your needs.

To help get you inspired to start planning the kitchen of your dreams, we invite you to browse our kitchen renovation achievements, found above.