Our Bathroom Renovation Projects


At Groupe SP Réno Urbaine, we understand how important your bathroom is. After all, it is one of the most high-traffic areas in any house. You spend considerable time in yours every day, so you want to enjoy your bathroom design and have it complement your needs.

Have you thought of renovating your bathroom? If your bathroom’s space and design are well optimized, they can significantly boost its value.

At Groupe SP Réno Urbaine, we will take care of your bathroom renovation. Our professionals are here to guide you in selecting the different elements that make up your bathroom design. From determining the layout of your new bathroom to selecting finishing materials, we will be there every step of the way, and we will only offer solutions that correspond to your needs and budget, so that you are wholly satisfied.

Renovating a bathroom is not a decision to be made lightly. On the other hand, no one can argue the rewards that come with this kind of project. Our designers relish the challenge to create a space that is uniquely yours and that is adapted to your lifestyle.

To give you an inspirational start to your future bathroom, we invite you to browse some of our achievements. Each of them was professionally done to provide premium quality while also taking care to fulfill the needs of our clients.


Our Mission: Creating a Space That’s Comfortable


A Living Space Not to Be Forgotten

The bathroom is where relaxation reigns, so ultra-comfort is a must. Since we frequent this space throughout the day, its design must make every moment a pleasant one.  

Generally speaking, the bathroom is not the largest room in your house, but it is still one of the most important, which is why we strive to optimize its space to the max. Your bathroom size should not stand in the way of designing it for spaciousness and functionality.

Moreover, don’t forget that the bathroom is a central element to your home. Whether it’s during your morning routine or unwinding after a long day, you want to go about it with ease, which is why it’s crucial that your bathroom be designed with optimal comfort in mind.

A Bathroom Design That’s All You

While your bathroom might be on the small side, your design options are anything but. Your bathroom can have any look you want: modern or transitional, including classic.

Our interior designers are here to offer you design solutions that will maximize your bathroom’s space, aesthetics and comfort level.

Your bathroom design is composed of several elements:

  • Your choice of bathtub: overflow claw-foot, freestanding, hydrotherapy, etc.
  • Your choice of shower: walk-in, cubicle, tub showers, etc.
  • Your choice of toilet: suspended, two-piece, one-piece, etc.
  • Your choice of sink: simple, wall mount, etc.
  • Your choice of flooring: heated, ceramic, concrete, tiling, etc.

The interior design professionals at Groupe SP Réno Urbaine will help you create the perfect design for your bathroom, and will help you make the best selections of all the elements of your bathroom.

Our interior design professionals would be delighted to put their creative minds to work for your bathroom. They would also be happy to guide you in selecting the various components of your bathroom so that we are certain you will be satisfied with a transformation that corresponds to your tastes and needs.


We’re Here—Until the Renovations Are Complete

Once you decide to undertake a bathroom renovation project, you have probably already spent time thinking it over. All your effort and planning merit the selection of a professional who will bring your vision to life.

Your bathroom renovation requires—and deserves—the attention of professionals with expertise and technical skills to successfully execute your renovation project. These professionals must also be aware of current regulations in effect and be able to handle any technical challenges or obstacles that may arise during the bathroom renovation.

Groupe SP Réno Urbaine will assist you in the design of your bathroom as well as with the renovation project as a whole. You can put your complete trust in the professionals at Groupe SP Réno Urbaine and on the results they’ll deliver.

In choosing our professionals you can have complete confidence in the end result. By taking the time to listen, we are able to fulfill all your needs. Your satisfaction is our priority, which is why we make every effort to deliver you a bathroom design that exceeds your expectations.

For more information on the services offered by Groupe SP Réno Urbaine, don’t hesitate to contact us today. An experienced member of our team would be happy to answer all your questions.

Our designers will assist you in selecting the design of your bathroom and will answer all your questions. Nos designers vous accompagneront dans le choix du design de votre salle de bain et répondront à toutes les questions que vous pourrez avoir.  

To help get you inspired to start planning the bathroom of your dreams, we invite you to browse our bathroom renovation achievements, found above.