Our Basement Renovation Projects


Did you know that the basement is the most neglected space in a home? Yet it’s also a room that can considerably boost the value of your home.

Groupe SP Réno Urbaine allows you to take charge of your renovation plan, as well as developing the design of your basement. Our team of professionals will assist in selecting the key elements of your basement and will propose solutions that are best suited to your needs.

Renovating your basement offers you several advantages, such as:

  • Expanding the living space of your house
  • Creating an additional room
  • Increasing the value of your house
  • Selecting the different finishes of your basement: flooring, new layout, new bathrooms, etc.

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Our Mission: Creating a Unique Space


Creating a Living Space from the Ground Up

A finished basement is a huge added value to any house, particularly in Montreal. When done well, a basement can be a functional and priceless household space.   

Finishing a basement is a golden opportunity. Before getting started, though, there are a number of pre-renovation checks that have to be done. That’s why we recommend an evaluation, which will detect any potential issues in your basement, which will then be addressed during the renovations. We can help.

Groupe SP Réno Urbaine is here to assist you in sound planning of your renovation project as well as in choosing your basement design. Montreal homes can have some quirks, and we’d be happy to offer you our expertise to work around them.

A Basement Design That’s All You

The possibilities are endless for creating a basement design that fits your needs. In fact, you can have the space of your dreams, such as:  

  • A family room to relax in
  • A playroom for the little ones
  • A second living room to hang out with friends
  • A home theater to watch your favorite movies

Designing your basement offers you a range of different options. You can choose several elements, such as:

  • Choice of colors: dark, bright, colorful, vibrant, etc.
  • Choice of flooring: heated, wood, stone, epoxy, ceramic, etc.
  • Choice of insulation: urethane, mineral wool (rubble foundation), etc.
  • Choice of stairs: size, structure, number of steps, etc.

Since basements can sometimes imply additional constraints, we offer professional basement designers that will guide you on the best options to work around these issues.


Our Solution: Helping You Design Your Basement


Basements renovations can be complex, which is why we offer qualified professionals that will help you at every step in the planning of your renovation project and your basement design.  

Groupe SP Réno Urbaine works in partnership with you throughout each step, while also giving you access to professional basement designers.  

Our designers will determine, together with you, the solutions that best fit your basement renovation needs. In addition, we’re here to listen and to answer all your questions.

To help get you inspired to start planning the basement of your dreams, we invite you to browse our basement renovation and design achievements, found above.