Rénovation cuisine escalier moderne

Project Description

Rockland Residence 

- Open concept home with natural light 

Located in the heart of the Town of Mount-Royal, the Rockland residence, by its orientation, guided us towards a renovation that demanded a new fenestration and a complete decompartmentalization of the ground floor.

The result is a breathtaking open space filled with natural light.

Our designer, Benoit Séguin, completely transformed this sixty year old home. 

- A design based on noble materials 

As soon as you enter, you feel transported to a universe where nature takes center stage, in which all the materials and finishes are in perfect harmony.

Wood, marble, steel and glass intersect in such a way that our gaze can admire all the little details that have been meticulously thought out.

The kitchen was designed to be as white as possible in order to envelope it with more noble finishes. In this space, everything has been designed and made to measure by our designer and our cabinetmakers. 

From the kitchen cabinets, knobs, furniture, stairs to the marble walls, everything has been designed to create a perfect balance. Despite the predominant use of white, the atmosphere of this house is quite warm and enveloping. 

The kitchen and the 4 fundamental lines of this renovation. 

The impressive result of this project is the outcome of four key decisions.

1- First, we decided to change the location of the kitchen to create an open space and light atmosphere that you feel as soon as you walk into the home. 

2- The second major decision will have been to add a window wall overlooking the backyard, which brings in all the natural light, an essential part in the success of this project. 

3- The third is of course the complete decompartmentalization of the ground floor, by removing the load-bearing wall and installing a steel beam to support the second floor of the house, which was later covered in walnut veneer. 

4. Lastly, the staircase was replaced by a floating steel staircase, with an embedded wall stringer and a glass wall railing. 

Mix it all together and you have a solid base to make this project a great success. All that was left to do was to balance and mix the materials, the choice of fabrics, wood and marble in order to achieve an elegant combination without making any compromises.

The Challenges

The details of the design and the realization of the renovation

The rest was the product of detail and refinement.

When carefully examined, the well-calculated wood, marble and steel inserts, the lighting in the cabinets, tailor-made lighting, a custom-made marble hood, and integrated appliances, An angled floor, a custom floating fireplace mantle and shelf, a wall-mounted toilet, and more.

This project was a pleasure to work on and will make the customers happy for many years to come.

Project Name: Rockland Residence

Location: Town of Mount-Royal, Montreal

Area: Ground Floor 900 SQF

Designer: Benoit Séguin

Site manager: Louis Houle

Photo credit: Costin Tuta

Project end date: December 2016

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