Renovation cuisine maison moderne haut de gamme

Project Description

The renovation project

The nature of the project consisted of a complete redivision of a ground floor of a multi-level house from the 1960s. The house became a blank page in itself, and all the rooms would change vocation to meet the current needs of customers. We also had to increase the natural brightness of the house by reworking the windows.

The concept of the project

The concept places particular emphasis on a modernised kitchen with the island as the centrepiece of the open space. The kitchen is the new centre of attraction on the ground floor and functionality is a priority. The maximum brightness provided by the addition of 2 large patio doors on the south side gives a lot of life to the kitchen. On the west wall, the addition of 3 windows brings in light that was once almost absent in the dining room and living room. The choice of materials has been oriented towards noble materials to withstand the test of time. Floor-heated slate, quartz countertops and walnut as well as black and white accents are timeless choices.

The design impact on the project

The impact of the design is immediate and enormous on the lives of customers. The family can cook together around an island where natural light is strongly present. The living space allows customers to receive family and friends in a large, friendly and bright space. The addition of a central office allows the client to combine work and family in a more natural way. The durable slate floor allows customers to let their dogs roam freely every day without worrying about damaging the floor.

The Challenges

The project presented some structural challenges. Installing the support beams to allow for the open concept was not an easy task. The size of the original wooden beams did not work under the sloping roof structure. So we had to review with the structural engineer and opt for a steel solution to reduce the height of the beams. We also had to adapt the design to include support columns perfectly aligned with the basement columns. In addition, all window changes had to respect the allowed natural light percentages.


Project Name: Jean-Bourdon Residence

Location: Ahuntsic-Cartierville

Area: Ground floor, 750sqft

Designer: Benoit Séguin

Site manager : Jean-François Mathieu

Photographer:  Costin Tuta

Project Completion Date: October 2018

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