What we do

General contractor specializes in residential renovation in Montreal.

Experience shows that each project demands a distinctive approach. A good general contractor knows how to listen to his clients so that he can provide the type of support they need. We derive the same satisfaction from providing you with good advice as in doing your work seamlessly.

Groupe SP Reno Urbaine is specialized in the following remodeling services:

Interior design

Complete remodeling

Kitchen renovation

Bathroom renovation

Basement renovation

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The Group SP Reno Urbaine team

Our Mission

Groupe SP Reno Urbaine provides general contracting services for residential renovation in Montreal. We contribute to progress in our industry through our innovations and unusual working methods. We are driven by the desire to provide you with a product and service worthy of pride, and to do so seamlessly and in compliance with your wishes.

Our Vision

Groupe SP Reno Urbaine is recognized as the leader in residential renovation in Montreal. It is unique in offering consulting for the preparation of renovation projects and in its wide range of design and decoration services. It is also recognized for its extensive expertise and knowledge of Montreal homes and its ability to adapt a renovation project to the home’s features.

Our team

Valerie Perreault, CPA, CMA


Valerie has been with Groupe SP Reno Urbaine since its founding. A graduate of HEC Montreal (1999) in accounting, her experience in managing businesses big and small have made her an exceptionally efficient manager during this period of growth. Her rigorous, but creative strategic orientations guide the company by rallying the team around ambitious goals in a win-win situation. 

Éric Sansoucy, BAA

VP, Sales and Marketing

A cofounder of Groupe SP Reno Urbaine, Eric is a born entrepreneur who set out on his career path as a teenager. His experience in a variety of housing-related fields has involved him in over 3,000 renovation projects. A graduate of HEC Montreal in marketing (1998), he has built up an enviable reputation in the industry. As a member of several boards of directors and the home-improvement expert on the MAtv channel, Eric is helping to energize the renovation industry.

Daniel Paquette

VP, Production

A cofounder of Groupe SP Reno Urbaine, Daniel epitomizes the self-made man. His daring and sense of innovation have become his trademark. With his solid experience in renovation and sharp eye, he ensures the quality and service of our production force. Daniel gives clients his full attention, supporting them throughout their projects to ensure that everything runs smoothly and that the final result meets their expectations.

Anick Gauvin

Coordinator, Finance and Administration

Anick is our company’s memory. She doesn’t miss a thing. Trained as a bookkeeper, she coordinates the company’s internal operations. If you have any questions, give her a call at the office, and she’ll be able to help you.

Farid Baghdadi Groupe SP Réno Urbaine

Farid Baghdadi

Accounting clerk

Farid's rigour and versatility are the driving force behind the administration. No detail escapes him. A graduate in accounting from UQAM and in the process of obtaining his degree from McGill University, he aspires to obtain his CPA professional designation. He acts as a real transmission belt between the various departments of the company. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call him at the office, he will be able to help you with a smile!

Lissa Lambert, BAA

Lead designer

Lissa is our interior designer. With years of experience in plumbing and cabinetry, her designs always find the perfect balance between function and beauty. In the blink of an eye, she will create your perfect surroundings, guiding you through each step of the process. Efficient, talented, innovative and enthusiastic, Lissa will surely become your ally and go-to design expert no matter the project!

Benoit séguin rnovation, montreal, designer

Benoit Séguin


Michael Nichol renovation, Montreal, Designer

Michael Nichol


Michael is a designer driven by an esthetic and creative approach. He is always able to combine his technical knowledge and his passion for design to create unique spaces that stand out for their quality. Always attentive to the needs of his clients, Michael responds ingeniously to their expectations with original and practical designs. He will always be there to accompany you during your renovation projects to guarantee a turnkey and personalized service.

David Dermardiros, ing. BB

Business Improvement Manager

David is in charge of ensuring that all activities whether it be in operations, sales or administration have one single focus: delighting our customers! An industrial engineer and a certified lean-six sigma black belt, he brings 10 years of business improvement experience to the work force. A life long fan of industrial design and architecture, David blends his technical know how to his true passion! 

Jean-François Mathieu

Team leader

Jean-François is the dean of our production force. Thanks to his many years of service, he has all our past experience at his fingertips. His knowledge of renovation in Montreal is unrivalled. Over the years, he has become specialized in supporting-wall removal and in crawl-space clean-up. He is a true guardian angel of Montreal’s heritage.