Interior design


Interior Design in Montreal: Our team is at your service

Design is bringing objects (and spaces) to life, but not just in the…

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Complete home remodel


Groupe SP Réno Urbaine, Specialist in Complete Home Remodels in Montreal


The decision to undertake the complete renovation of your…

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Bathroom renovation


Bathroom Renovations: Creating a Comfort Corner in Your Montreal Home


The place to both greet the day and for unwinding each evening,…

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Basement renovation


The basement: multifunctional space


Want to undertake a basement renovation…

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Kitchen renovation


The Kitchen: The Heart of Your Home


A natural gathering place, the kitchen is the hub for daily family activities, making its…

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Load Bearing Walls Removal


Removal of Load-Bearing Walls: The Key to Opening Up Your Living Space


There’s simply no better bang for the buck than the removal of a…

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Plex design: Conversion of a duplex / triplex into a single family home


Redesign your plex by converting it into a family home (cottage)


The cost of buying a house in Montreal has significantly increased…

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Eco-friendly renovation


Eco-friendly renovation, Groupe SP Réno Urbaine version


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The Montreal Renovation Company You Need

Groupe SP Réno Urbaine is the Montreal renovation company you need for all of your renovations projects.  We are proud to provide multiple

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Our turnkey Renovation Services

A turnkey renovation requires a lot of planning, investment of time and money and an expert team to guide you…

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High-end Renovations by Groupe SP Réno Urbaine


What exactly is a high-end renovation?

At Groupe SP Réno Urbaine, we offer the opportunity…

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Upscale Home Design Service

Do you want to renovate your house for a unique rendering? By choosing to use specialized services in…

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