Bathroom renovation

Bathroom Renovations: Creating a Comfort Corner in Your Montreal Home


The place to both greet the day and for unwinding each evening, the bathroom must be equipped for all daily rituals. The renovation of your bathroom in Montreal can’t be anything less than a success, so you need the very best workmanship.

To ensure your bathroom is durable, you need to consider space, materials, sealing, ventilation, as well as all the other options that will make the bathroom pleasant and functional.  

Does your bathroom need remodeling, but not sure where to start?

Thanks to our bathroom renovation service in Montreal and surrounding areas, our designers will collaborate with you to discuss the following elements:


The Bathtub

Is it still required? If so, would you like to improve it? Tub sizes may vary and many options are also available. Here are some examples:

  • An infinity tub
  • A therapeutic tub
  • A freestanding tub

Your tub is a bathroom staple, so use this opportunity to choose one that is right for your peace and relaxation.  


The Shower

The place for the perfect wind down from your hectic day, the shower is a critical element in your bathroom renovation plan.

To optimize your shower, consider adding accessories such as:

  • An integrated seat
  • A linear drain
  • A thermostatic valve
  • A rain head
  • Waterproof speakers

There are countless options, and renovating your bathroom is the ideal opportunity to treat yourself to the little extras that can enhance your comfort and make you look forward to that daily shower.

Our bathroom renovation service in Montreal and surrounding areas takes into account characteristics that are particular to homes in the region. We’re aware that not all Montreal homes have enough space for a separate tub and shower, and we have many ideas for you to work around this.

The Sink

A high-traffic area each morning before everyone rushes off, the sink is another element in your bathroom that you’ll want to improve, both in terms of quality as well as the layout. When planning your new sink, you must take into consideration your family’s routine and your personal habits.

Sometimes simple adjustments may be sufficient, such as:

  • An anti-fog mirror
  • Adding a second sink
  • A make-up space placed outside of the bathroom

With our bathroom renovation service in Montreal and surrounding areas, these adjustments will be included and will effectively solve your “morning traffic” issues.  


The Toilet

Often left for last, the toilet requires special attention.

Its style, performance and maintenance can make all the difference in your new bathroom.

There are plenty of toilet options when it comes to renovating your bathroom, such as:

  • A one or two-piece toilet
  • A suspended toilet
  • Adding a bidet seat

Choices range from the classic to the most original, so you can create the bathroom that fits your lifestyle as well as the needs of your family. We’ll take into account the sizes typical in Montreal homes when helping you make those choices.

Our bathroom restoration service in Montreal and surrounding areas comes complete with a team of professionals that will renovate your bathroom with care. While your bathroom might be the smallest and most technically complex space in terms of renovation, our qualified professionals will convert it into a quality and comfortable space. Our team has been behind many bathroom renovations in Montreal and surrounding areas, and we’d be delighted to add yours to our list!  

Browse our achievements in bathroom renovation in Montreal, and contact our bathroom contractors to tell us more about your renovation project. We’re confident we can help.