Interior design

Interior Design in Montreal: Our team is at your service

Design is bringing objects (and spaces) to life, but not just in the concrete sense. A real master of design will have thought through the essence of the object or space to be worked in order to optimize practicality, all while ensuring that such practicality be a perfect match for the final aesthetics.

At Espé Réno Urbaine, we’re proud to offer you an interior design service in Montreal that meets all your expectations, both in terms of aesthetics and practicality.

Whether it’s a kitchen or bathroom renovation or even a complete makeover of your house, our interior design service in Montreal offers a wide range of high-end possibilities. Hire our professionals for all your needs and make your dreams come true.

In partnering with Espé Réno Urbaine for your renovation projects, you’ll enjoy exclusive support in Montreal interior design by highly qualified and passionate experts, from start to finish.

Our designers are more than intermediairies taking part in just a single aspect of a project. They play an integral role in the entire process. That’s what makes them designer-contractors.


Espé Réno Urbaine: Artist of the Montreal Home




Our team specialized in Montreal interior design makes your experience with us the most pleasant and easiest possible by guiding you throughout the planning process and in purchasing finishing materials.

Plumbing, cabinetry, a complete renovation or by the room; nothing is impossible for our specialized team. Homes in Montreal have specific needs and present some particular challenges, and our interior designers have seen it all. Here are just some of the recurring issues we see:

  • Problems with insulation;
  • Rubble foundations;
  • Plumbing columns to add, change or move;
  • An aging electrical system;
  • Etc.

After years of renovating homes in Montreal, we’re aware of any issues and challenges that can arise during renovations. That’s why our interior designers are equipped to handle any problem and offer you aesthetic solutions that are within your budget.

Our designers will be there throughout your project, and, through their Montreal interior design service, will be able to recommend the best options for your home. This support begins at your very first meeting, right through to the very end of the job. Our designers would be delighted to share their expertise and passion with you, so don’t be afraid to ask them questions.

We will make sure that your project runs smoothly, that communication between you and all our partners is transparent and fluid, and we will be ready for any unforeseen issues that may crop up. Our designers boast a comprehensive understanding of a renovation job and have the know-how to minimize any surprises.

Our passion lies in creating spaces that look and feel like you. Our Montreal interior design service guarantees your home a superior aesthetic result. Tell us more about your dreams and we would be happy to make them come true.

Services offered in preparing your Montreal interior design projects

Homes enjoy exclusive Montreal interior design services, including:

  • Taking measurements and assessing needs
  • Preliminary layout designs
  • Scouting materials, appliances and finishes
  • Obtaining quotes and placing orders for finishing materials
  • Complete technical plans
  • 3D renderings
  • Colouring
  • Following up on orders and shipments of finishing materials
  • Job follow-through

Preparing the job site before interior design work begins

The best advice we could give our clients is to properly plan their renovation project before setting up the job site. Even with our designers taking into account most issues at the initial design step, it’s critical to plan your budget and add a cushion for any surprises. At Espé Réno Urbaine, we always make sure to respect your global budget. It’s what sets our interior design service apart from the others, since our designers consider budgetary variations that can occur when executing a design.

Our interior design support for your home guarantees you that each renovation project has been well organized and that all elements crucial to the sound execution of the project have been verified before work begins.  Our designers work alongside a team leader who is our customers’ ally and the go-to person for all their needs.

Our procedure maximizes the quality of the finished product while minimizing turnaround times. Even before any work has begun, one of our designer-contractors will confirm with you a date for project completion.

For more information on our interior design services in Montreal, don’t hesitate to reach out to a member of our team.

We invite you sample just some of our renovation project achievements. Enjoy some interior design inspiration and contact us to benefit from our specialized services for your Montreal home.