Removal of Load-Bearing Walls: The Key to Opening Up Your Living Space


There’s simply no better bang for the buck than the removal of a load-bearing wall.

Opening up a home or a condo offers many advantages to home owners, including:

  • Your house gets more light
  • Your rooms are more welcoming
  • Many more room layout possibilities

In addition, removing a load-bearing wall has specific benefits for each room, including, for example:

While removing a load-bearing wall has many advantages, you want nothing less than supreme quality work to ensure that your house remains safe throughout the construction period.


Identifying a Load-Bearing Wall in Your Home

Before doing anything, you must first check to make sure your wall is indeed a load-bearing one. A load-bearing wall, as its name entails, solidifies your house and absorbs the weight of your floor, roof and other walls in the house. Non-load-bearing walls, on the other hand, only serve to separate the rooms in your house. It’s critical to verify your wall to determine its role vis-a-vis the structure of your home. Other factors to consider include:

  • Thickness: a load-bearing wall is generally thicker
  • Load-bearing walls are often perpendicular to the joists.
  • The location of your walls: if your walls are in the middle of your home, chances are, they are load-bearing walls.

The best way to identify your load-bearing walls is to get an inspection by a professional team. We can help you determine whether or not the wall in your house is load-bearing.


Close Collaboration with Engineers and Specialized Structure Teams

In addition to collaborating with engineers, we also have in-house teams that are specialized in the removal of load-bearing walls.

You can rest assured that we possess all the necessary skills to remove your load-bearing walls.

In order to protect you from any future lawsuits, all of our engineers verify our structural work before we close the walls. In addition, you’ll also receive a written letter of conformity, protecting you from any future outcome.

Whether it be the removal of a wall between your kitchen and your dining room or opening up a given space the length of the house, we can execute all work on your load-bearing walls.

We install steel or wood beams, visible or not, with or without an architectural finish. We can seamlessly integrate or not the beam into the new decor.         


Removing any load-bearing wall requires careful analysis by a team of qualified professionals that will be able to propose solutions that won’t compromise the solidity of your home and that best suit your needs. Our team is very familiar with the structural characteristics particular to Montreal homes. Contact us today to tell us more about your load-bearing wall removal project.

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