Renovation - home, Outremont, Davaar avenue
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Project Description

Davaar Residence Remodel

Open-space concept : for a welcoming atmosphere

Large and typical of an Outremont appartement, the Davaar residence provided a stimulating canvas thanks to all the challenges it offered. Its traditional layout is no longer of interest compared to contemporary open-space concepts.

Becoming a new standard with todays modern families, the goal was to create a communal space conducive with the day to day bustle of a busy family as well as large family gatherings.

Stylish, functional and inviting were the guidelines for the design of this project. Follow us through a guided tour of this beautiful remodel.

Upon entering, each bedroom is discovered as you walk through the hallway. Comfort, privacy and peacefulness was created for each member of the family. A judicious reconfiguration of the space was necessary in order to design a stylish master bedroom complete with two walk-in closets for the trend-setting parents.

Also observe the original doors' restoration, mounted on a suspended rail. You can almost feel it's history at every opening.

Just before reaching the open space, a magnificent and large bathroom is revealed. The original bathroom needed to be enlarged in order to accommodate the growing family.

Large shower, bathtub, double vanity, everything was chosen to promote comfort and practicality. Recycled wood, marble and concrete all blend together seamlessly to create a timeless decor.

Whether it be Outremont or New York, the remodel absolutely needed to keep with the original spirit of the home.

The floors, the woodwork as well as the existing doors were therefore preserved and restored.

As you arrive into the main living area, you will understand why black has been chosen to highlight the wooden doors.

Now we proceed to the long awaited reveal at the back of the apartment. The main living area is unveiled in a single stream and captures your gaze. Before so many textures, your eyes will not know where to land since there is so much to take in:

  • Rough concrete wall 
  • Exposed steel beam and column 
  • Mutina porcelain tiles by designer Patricia Urquiola 
  • Custom Cabinets and Quartz countertop 
  • Huge 14 foot island with retractable recycled wood table 
  • Dual refrigerator and state-of-the-art appliances
  • Swordfish!!! 


The full-height ceramic backsplash accentuates the ceiling's height and creates a uniform wall behind the stove.

The stainless steel chimney hood becomes an important part of the decor. It was voluntarily placed between the two new black windows, which literally transports us for a drink at a New York restaurant. The multifunctional tables with black frames, the black knobs embedded into the kitchen cabinets, the black radiator, and the black wall cabinets offer a contrast that provides depth to this superb project. An industrial touch is also brought to light by the addition of wrought iron shelves and steel stools and give and shout out to the home's Fifties heritage.

Coralie and Patrick, thanks for all the fun we had when working for you and your family. We now enjoy imagining you savouring your slow Sunday mornings and relishing in your big family celebrations. May these moments bring happiness to you and your loved ones.



Outremont, Montreal
Year completed